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Q&A with Jacqui Simmons, Key Account Manager (South)

Posted Wednesday 17th of August 2016
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Jacqui Simmons

Name: Jacqui Simmons

Job title: Key Account Manager (South)

Time with The Mortgage Lender:  Three months

Why did you want to work at The Mortgage Lender?

The opportunity to be involved at the start of a brand new venture was very appealing. Being able to help shape future products and be part of the team that launched the new brand to the market place is very exciting. The gaps in the residential market have been researched well by our executive team and the products The Mortgage Lender offers help brokers bridge the gap between High Street and specialist lending.

What has your role involved this week?

Assisting brokers over the telephone with their customer enquiries, visiting brokers and our packager partners, delivering training on our products and helping the teams of mortgage consultants find a home for their customers.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Being in contact with lots of brokers by telephone and face to face, talking through multiple customer case scenarios and being able to provide a solution.

What three skills do you have that make you good at your role?

Being able to build rapport easily both over the telephone and face to face.

Being knowledgeable about the market from previous mortgage broking experience.

Being able to manage my time effectively and prioritise, so that I am able to provide excellent customer service to my brokers and packager partners.

How have the people you know in the industry reacted to the launch of The Mortgage Lender?

The Mortgage Lender has been very well received. Our products and rates are very competitive which offers mortgage customers a much more affordable option.

What is the most challenging mortgage case you’ve been involved in during your career, what were the circumstances and how did you achieve a positive outcome for the borrower?

Back in the 1980’s when I first started my career as a mortgage consultant, options available to customers included a 25-year fixed rate mortgage and low start fixed rate products. Self-employed customers were particularly difficult to place, especially if they wanted a high loan to value product. I remember an enquiry from a B list pop star, with income from various sources. It took the chosen lender several weeks to underwrite it, but in the end, after careful presentation of the case, we received an offer.

What piece of career advice has stayed with you and where did it come from?

Always be yourself, be open and honest and admit to mistakes. My father worked for a well-known American Bank for a large part of his career and gave me that piece of advice when I first started out in financial services at the age of 18.

By Gillian McAllister , of The Mortgage Lender

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