the simple truth

We know that life isn’t always as straightforward as some mortgage lenders want it to be.

We’re not all working regular hours, some of us are self-employed, others have a less-than-perfect credit history, but none of this should automatically prevent people from getting a mortgage that’s right for their circumstances.

The Mortgage Lender serves customers who are not traditionally served by high street lenders, and our team has many years of experience of working in the specialist mortgage market. Our aim is to deliver a service that goes beyond what you’d expect.

We’re not just any mortgage lender, we’re The Mortgage Lender.

The Vision

To combine innovation, quality and simplicity to build a fair and accessible lender that leads the UK specialist mortgage market.

Our ethos

The Mission

To put our customers’ interests at the heart of every decision we make

To be an employer of choice delivering opportunities for all

To be a profitable and sustainable business.

Our ethos

The Values

Fair   Positive   Trusted   Progressive   Involved

Our ethos

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20th Nov
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16th Nov
Check out our new standalone maximum loan calculator to see how we can help your applicants
16th Nov
Peter Beaumont named as The Mortgage Lender’s deputy chief executive