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Meet the TML Underwriter Team: Katie

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The people behind TML: Meet Katie – One of our expert underwriters

We are proud to have talented and dedicated people working with you to ensure your clients get the right mortgage deal for their circumstances. Today, we would like to introduce you to Katie.  

Katie is our featured underwriter, working from Glossop, Derbyshire. In her own words, she loves working as a TML underwriter because of the variety of work she's involved with and the great team that supports her. The nature of her role means that she has a direct relationship with you, our brokers – something that we are proud to have build into our service style!

If you work with us, you have direct access to underwriters like Katie

Our underwriters work closely with brokers to ensure the mortgage process for your clients is as simple and smooth as possible. The main benefit of this type of relationship is that you deal directly with a single person, like Katie, throughout the whole application process. This leads to close working relationships and also helps Katie in her role as an underwriter too:

"You can make things much quicker for [brokers] and for us. We can speak to [brokers] for a quick question right away, rather than having to hang around emailing them and waiting for a response back." This way of working streamlines the process and makes life easier for all involved!

Case-by-case underwriting from real people

Our approach to lending is that there are no automatic declines. Instead, each case is considered on an individual basis by people like Katie who understand that real life means not everything is black & white. Katie knows how to ask you for the right information that will help to increase the chances of a successful application.

Katie's experience in complex cases

As well as having a focus on the applicants, our underwriters are on hand to help untangle some of the complexities that might cause issues with other lenders. Katie has a broad range of experience in complex mortgage applications that brokers have brought to her over the years, including applications for Olympians!

This specific person had an income stream different from the average applicant, a lot of their money came from individual grants. Undeterred by the task at hand, Katie worked hard to straighten out the intricacies of this application and had the satisfaction of positive feedback from both the broker and the applicant she'd helped once they received the approval.

Katie's life outside of TML

Katie has an active life outside of TML. She is a keen rugby player – something we support her in! When she's not scoring tries, Katie loves taking every opportunity she can to travel with her dog and is an unabashed Harry Potter geek.

Katie has a self-described annoying personality trait that helps her in her role as a TML underwriter – she's a perfectionist! Which can be very helpful when working on some of the more complex cases.

Katie enjoys working at TML because of her great colleagues and the variety of her day-to-day underwriter role. In her words, a unique thing about working at TML is the

"ability to communicate with all areas of the business and all senior leaders and that everyone knows each other. You're a name, not an employee number."

Why you should come to TML for complex cases

When you submit a case to us for consideration you will be assigned an underwriter, it could even be Katie!

Having a close working relationship with our underwriters simplifies the mortgage offer process and means your case is considered on an individual basis. If you have any questions before you submit your case, why not speak to your local BDMs? They work closely with our underwriters too.

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