A complex case made simple - in just five days

Thursday, December 15, 2022

A complex case made simple - in just five days

Helping first-time buyers onto the property ladder can be a challenge in the current climate, particularly if your client doesn’t have perfect credit history. But with our approach to real-life lending, we can help make it happen.

In a recent example, we helped a first-time buyer couple get onto the property ladder, powering the case through in just 5 days despite its complexities. Through the mortgage broker Connells and their dedicated packager Dynamo for Intermediaries, we were approached with the case knowing that our criteria for self-employed and adverse credit would be appropriate for the client, of which one was self-employed and had history of missed payments.

Following a conversation with Alice Baggott here at TML, the broker, Sabina Fayle at Connells, packaged the case ensuring that everything required was included and in order from the outset. This enabled us to progress to offer in a swift 5 days, providing an 85% LTV – a truly great outcome for yet another couple of FTBs.

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