Great working relationship delivers super-quick turnaround for complex FTB case

Friday, December 8, 2023

A challenging FTB case we recently handled with specialist distributor TFC Homeloans shows how a great relationship can pay dividends for everyone involved.

The customer was looking to buy their first home with a loan of £100,000, but as a sole employed applicant, plus reliance on a gifted deposit to part fund the purchase, options from high-street lenders were limited.

Over the years, TFC have been working closely with us and as a result of this long-standing collaboration with us, they know just what they need to provide to get a clear, fair and speedy decision from our underwriters.

The introducing broker brought all the necessary documentation together on day one, including evidence of contracted hours and donor funds. TFC’s processing manager, Cara Nielson, then packaged the case and liaised with our underwriter Katie Quinlan.

With all necessary documents uploaded at application stage, Katie was able to progress the case in just eight days, offering the customers a 70% LTV mortgage fixed for five years, satisfying their requirements at a competitive interest rate.

Chris Kirby, Head of Key Accounts & Specialist Distribution at TML commented: "We’re delighted we’ve been able to prove our expertise in dealing with a complex first-time buyer case. We have a long-standing relationship with TFC which helped to ensure that the process moved along smoothly and at speed. Charlie stack, Key Account Manager at TML, has extensive experience working with complex cases and, combining this with Cara Neilson’s understanding of what our underwriters need to progress an application, we were able to move this application to offer quickly. We’re thrilled to be able to help the customer with their mortgage needs and look forward to continuing to work closely with TFC and their broker partners in the future.”

Ian Balfour, Sales and Marketing Director at TFC Homeloans commented: “This is a great example of a solid working relationship. The introducing broker’s professional and speedy work, plus the knowledge and experience of our TFC staff and TML’s product and speed of decision all came together to produce a positive outcome, in double-quick time. By working together broker, specialist distributor and lender will always provide better client solutions and outcomes.”

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