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Quick Fire Friday with…Louise Munro, customer support officer at The Mortgage Lender

Friday, April 9, 2021

This week we talk to Louise Munro who has recently made the move from the quality team at The Mortgage Lender to take up a role as a customer support officer. She tells us why she thinks you should always be part of something great, her guilty pleasure during lockdown of river walks and red wine and the hashtag that she thinks sums up the current mortgage market perfectly…

Best piece of career advice and who was it from?

To be part of ‘something great’ and not just ‘anything’!  A former manager.

What’s the most surprising part of your role?

That after 10 years of not being on the phones – I love speaking to people and being able to help them.

What’s your lockdown guilty pleasure?

River walks with the kids followed by a large red wine.

Sum up the current mortgage market in a hashtag?


What have you missed over the last year?

Belly laughs with my sisters aka my BFF since primary school (and that was a long time ago lol).

Favourite film – and why?  

There are two! Hitch – no matter how many times I watch it, it always makes me proper laugh out loud! And Something’s Gotta Give – super funny and light hearted.

Favourite holiday location?

Barbados – amazing beaches, amazing people, amazing food and the best music in town!

Who is your celebrity crush?

Giulio Berruti. 

Designer or high street? High street.

Work from home or work in the office? Work from home

Cook or be cooked for? Cook

Documentary or reality TV? Documentary

Golf or Motorsport? Motorsport

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