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Q&A with Alistair Ewing, The Lending Channel (19/12/16)

Posted Monday 19th of December 2016

ae-corporate-outsideWe talked to one of our new distribution partners, Alistair Ewing, co-founder of The Lending Channel, about how he sees the mortgage market and how his wife would like to see more of him in 2017.

1)         How do you feel the launch of The Mortgage Lender is going to impact the mortgage market?

As a packager in Scotland, it’s been a really positive move, bringing more choice for borrowers. The market here is under served – you have some of the larger lenders but beyond that there’s just not the same choice that a broker in the south would have.

2)         What do you think about The Mortgage Lender’s product range?

I’m really quite impressed with it.  Every lender has it’s own nuances, so as a packager we can help brokers understand the TML range and bridge any gaps in their understanding.  It’s a competitive range in terms of price and where they’ve pitched LTVs, particularly given their willingness to deal with some of the more specialist lending cases.

3)         Would you like to see a broader range of products from The Mortgage Lender?

From a broker’s point of view, we will always want more! They have a pretty broad range of products already, which gives us a good selection. For where they are in the market just now, I think they are fine.

4)         What was it that made you want to become a distribution partner with The Mortgage Lender?

It was a bit of a no-brainer for us. As a packager we want access to the broadest range of products for brokers. TML’s location and proposition sits nicely with what we do, where we do it and who we deal with.

5)         What is your prediction for levels of mortgage borrowing next year?

I’m quietly confident about the market, the fundamentals have changed somewhat so we see funding lines far better protected than they were 8-9 years ago. I don’t think we can ignore some of the external factors looming on the horizon, but I believe there are many other positive factors that out weigh the potential negatives. I think we’ll see steady growth next year and beyond.

6)         What would you like for Christmas?

I would simply wish for the continued good health and well being for my family and friends.

7)         What is your New Year resolution?

I think I would probably say something about eating better and doing more exercise, but my wife would want me to say that I will get home in time for dinner more often!

By Gillian McAllister , of The Mortgage Lender

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