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Residential Criteria Guide

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Interest Only

Repayment method

Interest only or Part & Part (for Part & Part, maximum interest only element is 75%)

Minimum Loan


Maximum Loan


Maximum Age

Declared retirement age or age 70, which ever is lower

Income Multiple

Maximum of 4.5x LTI

Acceptable Repayment Vehicles

Sales of mortgaged property, subject to minimum equity of £250k (70% LTV).
Sale of other UK property, subject to sufficient equity at the point of application.
Simple investment vehicles, e.g. ISAs, current value used.
UK based cash/savings, current value used.

Examples of Unacceptable
Repayment Vehicles

This list is not exhaustive, but can include:
Savings that will accumulate in the future
Pensions, including future pension projections
Future inheritance
Sale of shares