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Residential Criteria Guide

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Large Loans


Minimum £500,000, maximum £1.25m


80% LTV up to £1m, 75% LTV up to £1.25m

Income Multiples

Maximum of 4.5x LTI for loans £500k - £1m, 5x LTI for loans over £1m (5x LTI on capital and interest repayment only)


Loans over £1m require evidence of 2 years income, most recent year will be used for affordability.

Variable Income

Second incomes, Overtime, Employment Bonus, and Commission, at 100%, except for any loan > £1m where a maximum of 75% of last 3 months average is considered with evidence of sustainability. Car allowance and regional allowance at 100%. Shift Allowance at 50% can be included if paid weekly, monthly or quarterly.