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Residential Criteria Guide

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90% LTV

• RL0 and RL1 only
• Minimum credit score applies
• Purchase only
• Gross inclusive of fees added
• New Build
• First Time Buyer
• Employed
• Self-employed trading >12 months
• Existing contractors

85% LTV

• Lending into retirement
• Part & Part (RL0 and RL1 only)

75% LTV

• Ex local authority properties
• Family Gifted Equity
• Interest only (RL0 and RL1 only)
• Shared Ownership (RL0 and RL1 only)

Minimum loan (varies by LTV)

For Interest Only and Large Loans, minimum loan is £500,000.
For 90% LTV, minimum loan is £120,000.

(refer to Residential Product Guide)

Maximum loan (varies by LTV)

£600k up to 90% LTV
£1m up to 80% LTV
£1.25m up to 75% LTV
(over £1.25m considered on referral)

(refer to Residential Product Guide)

Minimum term

5 years, Interest Only minimum term 10 years

Maximum term

40 years


No remortgage within 6 months of purchase. No back to back transactions. Any remortgages under 6 months on a referral basis.


All applications must be on an advised basis.

Repayment method

Capital and interest repayment, interest only, part interest & part capital repayment (all affordability based on C&I only) (refer to Residential Product Guide)

Offer validity

90 days. New build offers are valid for 6 months subject to valuation/reinspection.