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On Friday 31st May we're making some rate changes to our Buy to Let range. We will also be withdrawing our Fee Saver Buy to Let products. These changes will come into effect from the 31st May. Any cases in pipeline need to be fully submitted with fees paid by close of business on Thursday 30th May.

Applications submitted after this date will be offered on the new rates available.

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Residential Criteria Guide

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90% LTV

• RL0 and RL1 only
• Minimum credit score applies
• Purchase only
• Gross inclusive of fees added
• New Build
• First Time Buyer
• Employed
• Self-employed trading >12 months
• Existing contractors

85% LTV

• Lending into retirement
• Part & Part (RL0 and RL1 only)

75% LTV

• Ex local authority properties
• Family Gifted Equity
• Interest only (RL0 and RL1 only)
• Shared Ownership (RL0 and RL1 only)

Minimum loan (varies by LTV)

For Interest Only and Large Loans, minimum loan is £500,000.
For 90% LTV, minimum loan is £120,000.

(refer to Residential Product Guide)

Maximum loan (varies by LTV)

£600k up to 90% LTV
£1m up to 80% LTV
£1.25m up to 75% LTV
(over £1.25m considered on referral)

(refer to Residential Product Guide)

Minimum term

5 years, Interest Only minimum term 10 years

Maximum term

40 years


No remortgage within 6 months of purchase. No back to back transactions. Any remortgages under 6 months on a referral basis.


All applications must be on an advised basis.

Repayment method

Capital and interest repayment, interest only, part interest & part capital repayment (all affordability based on C&I only) (refer to Residential Product Guide)

Offer validity

90 days. New build offers are valid for 6 months subject to valuation/reinspection.