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Q&A with Hugh Meechan, Chief Operating Officer

Posted Tuesday 20th of September 2016


Name: Hugh Meechan

Job title: Chief Operating Officer

Time with The Mortgage Lender: Since day 1

Why did you want to work at The Mortgage Lender?

It gave me the opportunity to build something from scratch utilising the knowledge and skill base of the team. So much has changed in our world and reaching out to break the norm has a particular attraction.

What has your role involved this week?

Building on the momentum, we have been reviewing and understanding the applications received, what are they telling us and searching out where we can we add more value and options for our introducers.

I’ve also been working with the team here, reviewing our KPIs, and been in constant communication with the underwriters, ensuring they are empowered and implementing our strategy and company values.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

There is a never a dull moment. The ability to continually challenge yourself and the business to achieve more is extremely rewarding.

What three skills do you have that make you good at your role?

Passion, attention to detail and commitment.

How have the people you know in the industry reacted to the launch of The Mortgage Lender?

They are delighted, most know how hard we have worked to get here and also how hard we will work. All of them recognise that any new lender coming to the market is to be celebrated.

What is the most challenging mortgage case you’ve been involved in during your career, what were the circumstances and how did you achieve a positive outcome for the borrower?

To be honest none spring specifically to mind. What’s important is to try and ensure you live in the real world and recognise that people are often quite unique. At TML we expect all of our staff to think of our clients and customers in the decisions they make, if we do this then I’m sure we will get a lot right.

What piece of career advice has stayed with you and where did it come from? 

One of the chief executives I worked for said to me, ‘let technology do what technology does best and let people do what people do best’, it’s not too hard really. His name was Bob Jones and he was spot on.

By Gillian McAllister , of The Mortgage Lender

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